Sunday, October 21, 2012

Crazy for Corn Dogs

My childhood group of friends have had a longstanding tradition of Sunday brunch/lunch for about 20 years now ( no points for guessing my age!) and we normally revisit our usual haunts in Bangkok for our tried and true favourites. This weekend was no exception - we started out at our favourite Korean BBQ place, and as we finished we decided to walk over to K Village, a community mall nearby, for coffee. As we were walking towards the coffee shop, we noted a small fast food place nearby  named "Corn Dog Dude". As third culture kids, we appreciate and love a good corn dog, and the thought that this entire joint was dedicated solely to corn dogs intrigued us - we had to look closer! The menu didnot disappoint!

A fast food lovers dream menu!

As  big fans of fast food, we decided we needed to come back soon for a good old fast food junkie meal complete with buffalo wings and chili cheese fries! However, today we were already extremely full from our Korean feast, so we decided to tread lightly and try out the desserts - yes, they have corn dog desserts! We ordered the Marshmallow dog and it was so scrumptious that we went for a second helping along with another order of Snickers Dogs! 

Biting into the crunchy sugared dough of the Marshmallow Dog revealed a lightly melted marshmallow - soo amazingly delicious! 

The Snickers Dog with a melted Snickers Bar within a sugared first dough crust - love! Also, our second order of Marshmallow Dogs which came in threes. Definitely a great way to enjoy dessert!

We will definitely be back soon for a full meal!