Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bag Lovers Reveal!

As most girls are, I am a bag lover at heart and have spent countless hours poring over bags reviews and selections on the web and in magazines. I used to buy designer bags on a whim, by season, determined to be on top of fashion and lured by the vast selection of amazing choices - but throughout the years I found that after a few seasons some of these "must have" items lose their allure and I hardly bring them out to use after the season is over. I realized that these "seasonal" bags are a double edged sword because along with being the "it" bag to have when they are launched, they can also become very quickly out of date and oh-so "last season" once their time is up!

Nowadays I find myself choosing much more carefully when it comes to investing in a high end bag and I tend to go for the classic timeless designs that I truly believe will last through the years and even decades. I like designers that do not change their classic line often and as such I lean towards names like Chanel and Bottega Veneta now for bags that I know I will still use and love decades from now. I wanted to share with you my first Chanel classic bag purchase!

Love the wrapping and presentation - truly a gift to cherish!

Out comes the dustbag!

Here is is - the Navy Blue Caviar 8" mini from FW 2011!

Love this seasons mini because it comes with 4 holes so you can wear it doubled up or as a long shoulder bag. My fave go-to bag and it fits so much!
Besides my pure love of Chanel, what I enjoy most is that I know I will continue to use it many years from now for any occasion - it works well during the day and fits an amazing amount considering its size, and can easily transcend into an evening bag as well :) An investment well worth it in my opinion!

Have a great day everyone!

Monday, August 20, 2012

A few of my favourite things ( part deux )

Hi everyone! Lately I have been feeling nostalgic and abit wispy and when I do, I gravitate automatically towards things that make me happy and give me comfort. I decided to continue my "favourite things" series and talk about one of the things that always gives me a warm and peaceful feeling - Yankee Candles! 

I have loved Yankee Candles since my East Coast college days and I remember going to the Yankee Candle Museum in Deerfield, Massachussetts, where they had every single yankee scent ever produced. My idea of heaven! What I love about Yankee Candles are the scents and that they can really fill your home with yummy delicious smells that are so inviting yet are never overwhelming. When I am home I almost always have a Yankee Candle lit and it just brings such a festive and warm atmosphere to the day. I especially love the fruity and spicy scents that remind me of fall and winter in New York and Boston, and some of my most loved scents are Farmers Market, Autumn Wreath, Cranberry Chutney and Macintosh. 

Nowadays, living in Thailand makes it harder to get Yankee Candles. Some Dept Stores here do carry Yankee Candles, but the pricing is so high and the selection is so small. During my recent trips to the States I found a solution to my Yankee Candle obsession - I found a delivery service that ships items to Thailand. Of course I got so excited and immediately went to Bed, Bath and Beyond to stock up on a few of my favourite scents!

My collection of Yankee Candles  from the States! 

Have a wonderful day and I hope you enjoyed the post!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A few of my favourite things...

First off, I have to apologize for disappearing for so long! Things have been quite hectic since I got back from my trip and although I have so many fun things to share, I haven't had the time to actually sit and formulate my thoughts! I decided today to write about about some of favourite things - accessories!

I think I have mentioned before in my blog how much I love accessories. I mostly choose very neutral colours and patterns in my clothing palette, and use accessories like necklaces, bracelets, scarves and even bags, to add character and a unique touch to each outfit. Lately I have been putting more time into carefully selecting each accessory to match my daily outfit, as I find that the one right addition can really make or break an entire ensemble!

One of my all time favourite designers for costume jewellery is Kenneth Jay Lane. I find his collections and pieces so timeless and classic, yet at the same time they manage to stay fashionable and trendy and can  give any outfit a special "pop"! During my recent trip to the States I got this beautiful Kenneth Jay Lane gold studded cuff which I love, due to the fact that besides that it is so pretty and versatile, it is smaller in circumference and doesn't look massive on my wrist when I wear it! I find it amazingly easy to match with an assortment of bangles and bracelets, and each match create a totally different look. Love!

A bohemian-ish look - my Kenneth Jay Lane gold studded cuff with a "peace" bracelet from Ginger, a local Thai designer. I love this combo for casual days!

The Kenneth Jay Lane mix - a combo of my gold studded cuff with this charm bracelet, also from Kenneth Jay Lane. The mixture of gold, ivory and wood accents can dress up any outfit - don't u think?

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed my post!