Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bag Lovers Reveal!

As most girls are, I am a bag lover at heart and have spent countless hours poring over bags reviews and selections on the web and in magazines. I used to buy designer bags on a whim, by season, determined to be on top of fashion and lured by the vast selection of amazing choices - but throughout the years I found that after a few seasons some of these "must have" items lose their allure and I hardly bring them out to use after the season is over. I realized that these "seasonal" bags are a double edged sword because along with being the "it" bag to have when they are launched, they can also become very quickly out of date and oh-so "last season" once their time is up!

Nowadays I find myself choosing much more carefully when it comes to investing in a high end bag and I tend to go for the classic timeless designs that I truly believe will last through the years and even decades. I like designers that do not change their classic line often and as such I lean towards names like Chanel and Bottega Veneta now for bags that I know I will still use and love decades from now. I wanted to share with you my first Chanel classic bag purchase!

Love the wrapping and presentation - truly a gift to cherish!

Out comes the dustbag!

Here is is - the Navy Blue Caviar 8" mini from FW 2011!

Love this seasons mini because it comes with 4 holes so you can wear it doubled up or as a long shoulder bag. My fave go-to bag and it fits so much!
Besides my pure love of Chanel, what I enjoy most is that I know I will continue to use it many years from now for any occasion - it works well during the day and fits an amazing amount considering its size, and can easily transcend into an evening bag as well :) An investment well worth it in my opinion!

Have a great day everyone!