Friday, July 20, 2012

Loving Atlanta ( part 2 )

After such a great time at the World of Coca-Cola, my next stop in Atlanta was the Georgia Aquarium, which was conveniently located just opposite! Although I am not an expert on sea animals, fish or any type of aquatic life, I always find it so calming and mesmerizing to just sit and observe them as they swim so gracefully and effortlessly - in fact I could watch them for hours on end, which is why I love to visit aquariums! The Georgia Aquarium is definitely of world-class caliber and I would say its worth it just to go and watch the huge whale shark swimming majestically alongside manta rays and other exotic species in the enormous Ocean Voyager exhibit. Here's the whale shark in the picture below - magnificent, right?

Isn't this a most amazing sight? I could stay here forever!

Another one of my favourites were the Beluga Whales - I love how they look like they are smiling all the time  - they seem so good natured and friendly!

Loving the friendly Beluga Whales!

When I visit aquariums, jellyfish are also on the top of my must see list - don't these look so exotic and mystical? I can't remember what type of jellyfish they are but I do remember seeing a sign saying that they are poisonous and a sting is toxic enough to kill a person!

So pretty, yet so lethal!

Sadly, we didn't have that much time at the aquarium but it was definitely a visit to remember. I really hope to  return to Atlanta one day and spend more time there! Thanks for reading and I hope you liked the pictures!

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